Resin artistic

Our hand-painted tables by collaborating artists are then made waterproof and polished by a resin casting that guarantees hardness and practicality as well as a great resistance to stress. Gloss, clarity, and transparency of colors are among the main features of the product beyond the ease in cleaning. Amadesign has a list production, it is possible to have products on request according to customer needs (subject, shapes, colors, etc.). Being painted and then exclusively hand-resined, they can have imperceptible imperfections that are not defects, but rather guarantee that the piece of furniture has been artistically done by hand. Amadesign will also release a certificate of guarantee to attest to the uniqueness and craftsmanship of the aforementioned complement.


Tables by artist Clay



Diego Brusegan in art "CLAY" is a Venetian artist. Musician, composer, writer and painter. Defined by many as a mystical, anti-conformist and rebel, he lives his common life in Marcon, a small town near Venice. Clay is a simple researcher of truth, his mission is to express himself through his works and to give the public a different message for each work. Clay categorically refuses any form of study in the realization of his works, he completely entrusts himself to his inner self that leads him freely and spontaneously towards the final result.

Tables by artist Ciclamino